Moving Forward

Think of the times when you went for a picnic and took your bicycle with you. Maybe you went for a ride on your bicycle with your siblings or friends and maybe you even raced with each other! Did you ever notice the spokes of each wheel would turn together? What keeps them together? It is the axle that helps the wheels move together so that the cyclist can move the bicycle forward to his destination… Read more »

Raise and Reap

Everyone enjoys the beauty of nature as well as the fruit and vegetables in our fields. On the 14th and sometimes exceptionally on the 15th of January, the Hindus celebrate the Makar Sakranti Festival in which they sow fruit and vegetables and celebrate a peace ritual.

In the Prayer Space Raise and Reap, we are going to think about food, our families, our friendships, our town or village, our health and our happiness… Read more »

Chosen and Cherished

Read more »Have you ever had the experience of being responsible for a task? Maybe to form part of a sports team, play an instrument during a talent night, or be a part of a group of friends. How did you feel when you got the message? Jesus also experienced this in his life. During his baptism, he was chosen to accomplish the special mission God the Father had entrusted him with…

Light in the Dark

We are enjoying the last days of this festive Christmas season. Many enjoyed the beautiful, colourful lights with which we decorate our homes and streets. How do you feel when there is a power cut? Moments of blackout help us to appreciate the importance of light in our life.

  • Think of someone who is visually impaired. How can you help him/her? In what ways? …
  • Read more »

True Love

Love is the significance of the fourth Sunday of Advent. Love is an action, not something only one feels. We can share this love with others like God when He sent Jesus among us. We can share our love even with people we don’t know, with everyone.

  • Light up the candle
  • Think about a pleasant action you received. How did you feel? …
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Celebrating Christmas Novena

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Reflective thought: Mary and Joseph laid baby Jesus in a manger which is a feeding trough for stabled animals… Read more »

Let There Be Peace

The second candle of Advent represents peace. While lightening up the candle let us think about ways how we can be channels of peace everywhere we are.

  • Light up the second candle in the wreath
  • Think about persons with whom you are not at peace at this moment or persons who are not in harmony. Spare a prayer for them…
  • Read more »

Ready For Advent ?

Do you enjoy unpacking the decorations and transforming the home for Christmas?  Advent season is a time of preparation for the birth of Jesus. During the four weeks in Church, we will see a wreath with 4 coloured candles: 3 purple candles represent hope, love, and peace, while one pink represents joy. Every week we switch on a candle until we switch on a white one in the middle on Christmas day, which means the light Jesus brought to the world with His birth… Read more »

All Brothers and Sisters

How many people did you meet yesterday and today? Do you remember? All of us make contact with different people in our life. There are those persons with whom we relate continually, there are those whom we do not know, and there are also those persons whom we do not really enjoy their presence. God created us to be together. In our lives, we need to connect with others, to have a talk, to play, to pray, to go for a walk, and even to eat together… Read more »

Tidings of Joy

The third Sunday of Advent is known as the “Joyful Sunday”.  The pink candle cheers up a bit the darkness of the purple colour which signifies penance. Rejoice because the birth of Jesus is close-at-hand!

  • Light up the pink candle
  • Draw a balloon or the balloon template and attach a ribbon to it. On the ribbon write names of people and places that make you happy…
  • Read more »