Change & Transition

Narnia: Broken World

In the Narnia story, the White Witch was going to kill Edmund, but Aslan offered to let her kill him instead. When Aslan died, the stone table broke into pieces. When bad things happen around the world, it can feel like the world is broken too. What do you think is broken in the world? Maybe things like wars, hunger, sickness, racism, and hatred?

  •  Take a marker and continue the web ‘Broken World’ with your ideas about what needs to be fixed in the world…

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Opportunity Keys

We are faced with lots of opportunities and challenges every day. These opportunities are like doors to be opened. Then we need to decide what good opportunity to take and what to leave behind.

  • Think about an opportunity or a challenge you have now or had in the last months.
  • What encouraged you to take or leave that good opportunity? …

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Transition Flags

Some people like change. Some people don’t like change. Some people feel excited, and others feel worried. Maybe you feel a bit of both? That’s OK.

  • Choose a flag.
  • On one side, write or draw something about the school you are leaving that you are thankful for.
  • On the other side, write or draw something about the new school that you are looking forward to next year, something that you are excited about or worried about…

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Transforming Butterflies

Changes happen all the time. Some people like change. Some people don’t like change. Some people feel excited and others feel worried. It’s OK to feel both. If a caterpillar doesn’t change, it will never become a butterfly.

  • Choose one of the paper butterflies.
  • If you want to, you can write or draw something that you have really enjoyed about this school year onto one of the wings…

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The Cage

Sometimes we feel trapped by the circumstances we are passing through or by our feelings. These circumstances can be various, every now and then, things on the outside (external) make life difficult, like other people or situations in which we find ourselves. At times, things inside (internal) make life difficult, like fears and low self-esteem.

  • Are you feeling trapped? If yes, what is making you feel trapped? …

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Prayer Doodle

Have you ever found yourself scribbling and from this scribbling cropped up an idea, a project or something about yourself? You can express yourself in many ways, and drawing is one of them.

  • Take plain paper.
  • In the middle of the paper, write either God, the name of a person for whom you would like to pray, or a scripture verse…

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Transition to a new phase of education

Each year, hundreds of children leave their current school to move to a new, usually bigger, school. The transition from one school to another is an important milestone for children of all ages. Although change is a normal part of life and can provide opportunities for children and young people to develop their resilience, research shows that transition is stressful.

Whether a child or a young person is starting primary school, secondary school, further education, changing schools or leaving schools for university or work, this transition period needs to be carefully managed…

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Future Adventure

We all think about our future, and the term ‘future’ forms part of our frequent vocabulary. Thinking about the future links us to live the virtue of hope. It is true that sometimes thinking about our future makes us feel uncertain, stressed, and even fearful. On the other hand, the future represents opportunities, adventures, planning, hopes, and aspirations.

  •  Think about the career you would like to aspire to…

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Boat of Necessity

Have you ever had a ride on a boat? Do you remember what were your feelings when the boat was moving into the sea? It sways while the captain follows the compass to find the place he wants to go to. And there are times when faces difficulties until he manages to find the place he wants to go to. This is an image of our lives…

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Ray of Light

16th September is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. The Ozone Layer is a shield of gases surrounding the earth protecting it from the sun’s rays. This day  reminds us of the importance of taking care of this shield. This was being torn and the sun’s rays were causing more damage to the people’s skin.

  • Search about the Ozone Layer and the damage it has been having in recent years…

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Olympic Flame

Did you ever watch the Olympic Games on TV? What a nice feeling seeing all those participants looking forward to represent their country. They do to their their very best to get the best results.  Olympic athletes train hard and love their sport.

  • Take some time to think of something that you would like to learn or start practising.  It might be a sport, it might be something artistic or learning to play a musical instrument.  Maybe a school subject that you want to study more seriously, or to be more helpful or generous…

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Jar of Life

Keeping the Important Things important!

How you choose to spend your time will determine if your life will be:

  • Fulfilling
  • Satisfying
  • Happy
  • Meaningful

Look at the jar. Imagine that is your life. Think about things or people that fulfil your life. Which are the top things in your life that make you complete? …

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