The themes of the 3 sessions inspired by the Good Samaritan parable are:

  1. We are masters of mercy
  2. We are masters of love
  3. Jesus is master of love and mercy

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years

Puppets 4 Jesus Team in collaboration with Spiritual Development in Schools created these sessions as a resource for the Spiritual Exercise in schools.

Some points that one needs to think about during the session:
  1. Watch the sessions before the students watch it.
  2. Prepare the students to focus on what are they going to watch and listen.
  3. From time to time, pause the video to check what the students are understanding. One could ask questions or ask the students to write or draw an idea about what they understood.
Session 1 – We are masters of mercy
Session 2 – We are masters of love
Session 3 – Jesus is master of love & mercy

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