Hope & Trust

Narnia: Hope

In the Narnia story, when Aslan died in Edmund’s place, the White Witch thought she had won. But Aslan’s good magic was more potent and profound than the Witch’s bad magic. Aslan came back to life, and he brought HOPE back to Narnia.

  • What is hope for you? How and where do we find it? Search for the meaning of hope online or in a dictionary…

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Narnia: Broken World

In the Narnia story, the White Witch was going to kill Edmund, but Aslan offered to let her kill him instead. When Aslan died, the stone table broke into pieces. When bad things happen around the world, it can feel like the world is broken too. What do you think is broken in the world? Maybe things like wars, hunger, sickness, racism, and hatred?

  •  Take a marker and continue the web ‘Broken World’ with your ideas about what needs to be fixed in the world…

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Narnia: Sorry

This is part of an activity series based on C.S.Lewis’ Narnia tales. When Edmund follows his sister, Lucy, through the wardrobe and into Narnia, he meets someone called the White Witch. The Witch tempts Edmund with sweets and then tricks him into doing something terrible. We are fragile, and sometimes we all do and say bad things.

  • Is there something that you’ve done or said recently that you regret? …

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Torn Clothes

In ancient Middle Eastern culture, people would tear their clothes when someone died. This tearing symbolises that the deceased person had been torn away from their loved ones.

  • Have you lost someone you love or a friend?
  • Take a corner of the fabric. Tear or cut a piece off.
  • Think about the deceased person and the pain you are feeling while holding the piece of fabric in your hand…

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Who Do You Say I Am

How do you feel about God? Which name connected with God appeals most to you?

  • Take your time to read the titles that describe God. Find the name of God which makes you feel closest to God.
  • Say this prayer during the day: Loving Father, Lord God, my Saviour.

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Name That Feeling

We feel happy and sad, angry, lonely, confused and afraid, anxious and excited…all in one day!

  • How do you feel right now?
  • Do you know why you feel the way you feel?
  • Have a look at the feeling image cards. Which one (or two) shows how you feel right now?
  • You can use the Scrabble letters to form and add a word or two describing what the picture means to you…

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Stress Less

In the Bible, one of Jesus’ friends, Peter, writes: ‘Cast all your worries onto God because he cares for you.’ (1 Peter 5:7)

  • What are you worried about right now? Is there something that’s been making you feel stressed?
  • Put your hands in the bowl of aqua beads and gently take two handfuls of them. As the aqua beads run through your fingers, imagine the worry and stress slipping away too…

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The Wheelbarrow

Farmers use wheelbarrows to move rubbish from one place to another. We’ve all got rubbish in our lives, not just ‘outside’ rubbish like broken things, old clothes, papers, and plastic, but ‘inside’ rubbish too. What ‘inside’ waste are you carrying around at this moment?

  • Find a quiet corner, and think about your ‘inner’ rubbish for some time.
  • If you want to, take a piece of paper and draw or write your ‘inner’ rubbish…

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Harry Potter-Inspired Prayer Activities

Creating this space with these particular prayer activities originated from what our Year 8s – 10s students show interest in about books and movies. The aim is to help individuals become who they were created to be with a purpose. They will understand and realise that they belong in our school’s caring community. (BeSpace. “Downloads for Organising a School Prayer Space”)

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Opportunity Keys

We are faced with lots of opportunities and challenges every day. These opportunities are like doors to be opened. Then we need to decide what good opportunity to take and what to leave behind.

  • Think about an opportunity or a challenge you have now or had in the last months.
  • What encouraged you to take or leave that good opportunity? …

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Our Town

Where do you live? Who lives in your area? Have you ever observed the streets and buildings in your town? Are there any interesting historical places, churches, religious places, monuments, and other exciting places? Were there famous people who used to live or are still living in your town?

  • Walk along the pathway while thinking about people and interesting places in your town…

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Pom Pom Prayers

Pom poms come in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. In the same way, people are different too. Likewise, we humans come in different shapes, sizes, colours and personalities.

  • What makes you unique and different?
  • In a few quiet moments think about something that makes you unique and special.
  • Take an owl foot template, and on it write or draw what makes you unique and special…

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