Happiness & Joy

Narnia: Identity

In the Narnia story, when Lucy visited for the first time, she found a lamp-post, a forest, and lots of beautiful snow! Did you know that every single snowflake is unique and different? Lucy met a faun called Mr Tummus, and even though they were very different, they became best friends. Like a snowflake, you are different from everyone else. You are unique and amazing! …

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Narnia: Sorry

This is part of an activity series based on C.S.Lewis’ Narnia tales. When Edmund follows his sister, Lucy, through the wardrobe and into Narnia, he meets someone called the White Witch. The Witch tempts Edmund with sweets and then tricks him into doing something terrible. We are fragile, and sometimes we all do and say bad things.

  • Is there something that you’ve done or said recently that you regret? …

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15-il storja qasira dwar l-Imħabba

Storja 1 – Naħfirlek u biex nurik li ħfirtlek ser nagħtik fjura

Tifla kienet sejra għand nannitha biex twasslilha ftit fjuri sbieħ…

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Opportunity Keys

We are faced with lots of opportunities and challenges every day. These opportunities are like doors to be opened. Then we need to decide what good opportunity to take and what to leave behind.

  • Think about an opportunity or a challenge you have now or had in the last months.
  • What encouraged you to take or leave that good opportunity? …

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Our Town

Where do you live? Who lives in your area? Have you ever observed the streets and buildings in your town? Are there any interesting historical places, churches, religious places, monuments, and other exciting places? Were there famous people who used to live or are still living in your town?

  • Walk along the pathway while thinking about people and interesting places in your town…

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You Before Me

Look at these people doing daily chores and serving others, in order that the others around them live in a clean environment. No one likes to clean others’ messes but still, some people around us, at home or at school, clean our messes to show their love toward us.

  • Take a broom template and on it write a way how you can make others feel more respected…

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Transition Flags

Some people like change. Some people don’t like change. Some people feel excited, and others feel worried. Maybe you feel a bit of both? That’s OK.

  • Choose a flag.
  • On one side, write or draw something about the school you are leaving that you are thankful for.
  • On the other side, write or draw something about the new school that you are looking forward to next year, something that you are excited about or worried about…

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Thankful Ribbons

We all have things in our lives to be grateful for. For example, our families, friends, pets, animals, hobbies, sports, musical instruments, and so on.

  • Think about something for which you are grateful.
  • Write it down on the ribbon as a prayer to God.

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Weather Series


How does the sunshine make you feel? …

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Vitamin J

Have you ever been sick, and the doctor prescribed vitamins? Vitamins are substances found in many of the foods we eat. Our body needs vitamins to carry out many things, like helping you grow and develop. Likewise, our soul and spiritual life need ‘vitamins’ to grow stronger. And do you know which vitamin is most needed? Vitamin J (Jesus)! Jesus is the complete ‘multi-vitamin’. Jesus contains everything one needs! …

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The Cage

Sometimes we feel trapped by the circumstances we are passing through or by our feelings. These circumstances can be various, every now and then, things on the outside (external) make life difficult, like other people or situations in which we find ourselves. At times, things inside (internal) make life difficult, like fears and low self-esteem.

  • Are you feeling trapped? If yes, what is making you feel trapped? …

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Thankful Glasses

Do you enjoy running in the countryside, playing with the soil, or going to the beach playing with the sand or the pebbles? Do you like to see the details of a nice flower or a spooky insect? Nature is a gift from God to show us that he loves us. 

  • Think of beautiful things in nature that are close to you, but you miss appreciating them…

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