🙏 Help us help others pray 🙏

The Church in Malta passionately serves State schools through the service of religious counselors and chaplains in Independent schools. During the last school year, around 2,500 students and educators had the opportunity to reflect, connect and grow in faith through prayer spaces organized by the Spiritual Development in Schools team, which includes professional pastoral workers.

Every single one of the hundreds of resources on this website is free to download and use. We want to continue to be generous, and make it as easy as possible for the schools and local communities to serve the spiritual and pastoral lives of their communities. We need your help to do this. Will you help us to help others pray?

🙏 Be a Beacon of Hope and Support! 🙏

  1. Lift Us in Prayer: Your prayers and sacrifices are the wind beneath our wings, guiding and strengthening our mission.
  2. Donate Generously: Your kind contributions ensure that the Church’s mission thrives, bringing spiritual growth and guidance to countless students and educators in our schools.

Together, let’s sow the seeds of faith and spirituality in the hearts of our children and young people. Join us in this noble mission!