Narnia: Broken World

In the Narnia story, the White Witch was going to kill Edmund, but Aslan offered to let her kill him instead. When Aslan died, the stone table broke into pieces. When bad things happen around the world, it can feel like the world is broken too. What do you think is broken in the world? Maybe things like wars, hunger, sickness, racism, and hatred?

  •  Take a marker and continue the web ‘Broken World’ with your ideas about what needs to be fixed in the world…

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Sorry Bin – Lesson Plan


40 minutes

How to carry out this lesson:

  1. Start by taking the time to watch this video clip taken from one of the movies of Shrek.  ‘Shrek Asking Forgiveness’.

2. Can you remember when was the last time you had to ask for forgiveness?   Maybe, it could be that you have frequent fights with your siblings over the same things. 


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Name That Feeling

We feel happy and sad, angry, lonely, confused and afraid, anxious and excited…all in one day!

  • How do you feel right now?
  • Do you know why you feel the way you feel?
  • Have a look at the feeling image cards. Which one (or two) shows how you feel right now?
  • You can use the Scrabble letters to form and add a word or two describing what the picture means to you…

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16-il Storja qasira fuq l-Eżempju t-Tajjeb

Storja 1 – Grazzi ħabib… Read more »

14-il storja qasira dwar il-Ħbiberija

Storja 1 – La ma kellekx post għall-persuna tiegħi lanqas għandek għal ismi

Id-Direttur tas-Sinfoniji Pierre Monteux inzerta bil-lejl f’belt kbira u mar f’lukanda biex iqatta’ l-lejl…

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Our Town

Where do you live? Who lives in your area? Have you ever observed the streets and buildings in your town? Are there any interesting historical places, churches, religious places, monuments, and other exciting places? Were there famous people who used to live or are still living in your town?

  • Walk along the pathway while thinking about people and interesting places in your town…

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You Before Me

Look at these people doing daily chores and serving others, in order that the others around them live in a clean environment. No one likes to clean others’ messes but still, some people around us, at home or at school, clean our messes to show their love toward us.

  • Take a broom template and on it write a way how you can make others feel more respected…

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Broken Friendships

Friends sometimes argue, and this is normal. But when friends say or do mean things and hurt each other, the friendship can be broken unless they apologize and work things out.

  • Think of someone whose friendship with someone else has broken.
  • From the paper people chain provided, tear apart a figure from the rest. 
  • While you hold the torn figure close to your heart, remember the former closeness with someone now distant from you…

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Thankful Ribbons

We all have things in our lives to be grateful for. For example, our families, friends, pets, animals, hobbies, sports, musical instruments, and so on.

  • Think about something for which you are grateful.
  • Write it down on the ribbon as a prayer to God.

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Washing Feet

Jesus throughout his life here on earth walked mostly with those who needed companionship. Who are these people? The broken, the lost, those on the margins of society, the special needs, and all those who needed his help.

  • Choose a line from the Grail Prayer
  • Be still for a moment and think about this verse that struck you most.
  • Choose either a hand, feet, heart, or eyes template, and in it write ex…

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Weather Series


How does the sunshine make you feel? …

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Educator Gratitude

Educators are important people in our life because they help us to learn, care for ourselves, and support us to become better people. Through them, we grow in knowledge and become more educated. The apple is a symbol of knowledge and education.

  • Think about a nice characteristic of the educator who is with you during this lesson.
  • Take an apple template and write or draw a prayer to thank God for the positive qualities that describe your educator…

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