Looking forward

Narnia: Identity

In the Narnia story, when Lucy visited for the first time, she found a lamp-post, a forest, and lots of beautiful snow! Did you know that every single snowflake is unique and different? Lucy met a faun called Mr Tummus, and even though they were very different, they became best friends. Like a snowflake, you are different from everyone else. You are unique and amazing! …

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Ktieb, ħabib u gwida għaż-żgħażagħ li qed ifittxu it-Triq tal-Ħajja. Ġabra ta’ stejjer, esperjenzi, ħsibijiet miġbura minn ħargiet imgħoddija ta’ fuljett għaż-żgħażagħ maħruġ mill-Ġiżwiti. Illum ukoll għandna żgħażagħ li qed ifittxu ftit sens fid-dinja tal-lum, bl-isfidi kollha tagħha. Nifs frisk ta’ ħajja li ma tinxifx u li jmiss kull qalb żagħżugħa li qed tfittex it-Triq tal-Ħajja.

Intervista ma’ Fr Paul Chetcuti sj dwar kif u għala fforma It-Triq Għaż-Żgħażagħ Rigal Sabiħ għal Żgħażagħ minn 12-il sena ‘l fuq… Read more »

Opportunity Keys

We are faced with lots of opportunities and challenges every day. These opportunities are like doors to be opened. Then we need to decide what good opportunity to take and what to leave behind.

  • Think about an opportunity or a challenge you have now or had in the last months.
  • What encouraged you to take or leave that good opportunity? …

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Tree of Good Intentions

A good intention is a clear and positive goal in one’s life. Setting intentions helps us define what we want and works towards our dreams. When did you manage to carry out a task that took a long time to achieve, and you made those around happy?

  • Take a leaf and decorate it as you like.
  • On the reverse side of the leave, draw or write your intention –  something you would like to improve…

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Transition Flags

Some people like change. Some people don’t like change. Some people feel excited, and others feel worried. Maybe you feel a bit of both? That’s OK.

  • Choose a flag.
  • On one side, write or draw something about the school you are leaving that you are thankful for.
  • On the other side, write or draw something about the new school that you are looking forward to next year, something that you are excited about or worried about…

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Prayer Doodle

Have you ever found yourself scribbling and from this scribbling cropped up an idea, a project or something about yourself? You can express yourself in many ways, and drawing is one of them.

  • Take plain paper.
  • In the middle of the paper, write either God, the name of a person for whom you would like to pray, or a scripture verse…

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Honest King

JJesus is a King but not like the influential people of our world who live in palaces, have a lot of money, live a comfortable life, and are afraid to suffer for those around them. Thus, Jesus teaches us that to live a good life, we are to live a simple life, serving and loving each other, carrying out our duties and doing what is good…

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When I want to give up

When I want to give up


When I’m bored you say,

“Follow me, and I’ll make you fishers of men.”

When I worry you say,

“Your heavenly Father knows what you need.”

When I have given up you say,

“Cast your nets on the other side.”

When I’m falling behind you say,

“The last shall be first.”

When I feel guilty and ashamed you say,

“Go in peace, your sins are forgiven.”

When I don’t know where to go you say,

“Abide in me.”

When I want to avoid growing up you say,

“Pick up your cross and follow me.”

When I’m deceitful you say,

“Hurry, I need to eat with you today,”

When rejection paralyses me you say,

“Shake the dust off your feet.”

When I feel intimidated you say,

“The least amongst you is the greatest.”

When I run from the responsibility you say,

“Give them something to eat yourself.”

When I rely on my strength you say,

“I’m sending you out like a lamb.”

When I’m confused about the future you say,

“Come and see.”

When I fall out with people you say,

“Love one another as I love you.”

When I feel unworthy you say,

“I call you friends.”

When I avoid the poor you say,

“You did it to me.”

When I can’t grasp it you say,

“Welcome the kingdom of God like a child.”

When I feel worthless you say,

“Every hair on your head has been counted.”

When my plans don’t work you say,

“Trust in God, trust in me.”

When my prayer seems useless you say,

“Seek and you will find.”

When I doubt you say,

“Here, put your finger in my side.”

When I deny I have met you, you say,

“Do you love me?”

When I abandon you for an easier life you say,

“Father, forgive them.”

When I don’t know what to do you say,

“I’ll send you my spirit.”

Lord, help me not to give up, the way you never give up on us…

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Get Well Soon – Lesson Plan


40 minutes

How to carry out the lesson:

  1. Start by taking the time to sing along with this video:

2. Can you think of when you had to go to a doctor like this toy who had to go to Doc Mc Stuffins? 

 How were you feeling?

Usually, we go to the doctor when we feel unwell…

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Future Adventure

We all think about our future, and the term ‘future’ forms part of our frequent vocabulary. Thinking about the future links us to live the virtue of hope. It is true that sometimes thinking about our future makes us feel uncertain, stressed, and even fearful. On the other hand, the future represents opportunities, adventures, planning, hopes, and aspirations.

  •  Think about the career you would like to aspire to…

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Lenten session – Hope is Alive

ĠuPazzi is presenting us with this session about Hope.

Some points for the animator to think about before presenting these sessions:

  1. Watch the sessions before the students watch it.
  2. Prepare the students to focus on what they will watch and listen to.
  3. From time pause the video to ask what the students understand. An idea would be to ask the students to write or draw an idea they understood…

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Tidings of Joy

The third Sunday of Advent is known as the “Joyful Sunday”.  The pink candle cheers up a bit the darkness of the purple colour which signifies penance. Rejoice because the birth of Jesus is close-at-hand!

  • Light up the pink candle
  • Draw a balloon or the balloon template and attach a ribbon to it. On the ribbon write names of people and places that make you happy…

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