This prayer space helps us to reflect that we are all one family and one community united in Christ.

Equipment: paper, glue, scissors, template

  • Early Years
  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



How many people did you meet yesterday and today? Do you remember? All of us make contact with different people in our life. There are those persons with whom we relate continually, there are those whom we do not know, and there are also those persons with whom we do not really enjoy their presence. God created us to be together. In our lives, we need to connect with others, to have a talk, to play, to pray, to go for a walk, and even to eat together.

  • Jesus is our eldest brother who connects us with each other. Jesus is the stem and we are the leaves and branches.
  • Let us create this tree where everyone uses his own imagination.
  • On a piece of paper draw your hand four times. On the first hand write your name and on the other three, write the names of people you met or communicated with today and yesterday.
  • Scissor the hands and while doing this think of these people and spare a small prayer for them.
  • Attach the hand templates to the stem, that is to Jesus. Remember that we are all brothers and sisters and that everyone is important.


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