Spiritual Development in Schools provides a range of programmes for religious consellors, educators and students, aiming to nurture their spiritual journey as part of holistic development.

While some programmes have fixed dates, others offer flexibility, allowing the school to choose a date that is suitable. Dive deeper into these programs, learn more about their offerings, and if you're keen on organizing one at your school, express your interest here.

Living Love Joyfully session

Welcome to the registration for the session 'Living Love Joyfully', meant to promote spiritual development and offer a unique and enriching experience for Year 6 students in State schools. Furthermore, it is designed to empower the students to navigate this crucial transition period in their lives.

Prayer Spaces

Prayer Spaces enable children and young people of all faiths and none, to explore life's questions, spirituality and faith in a safe, creative and interactive way.

With Reading and Writing, I find a Beloved Space

In collaboration with the National Literacy Agency, these sessions provide a space for children to explore creative writing through imaginative and reflective activities.

Journeying Together

"Journeying Together" transforms personal challenges into support for others. It ensures learners don't feel isolated during hardships, promoting growth, friendship, conflict resolution, and shared experiences.

A Labyrinth Experience for Educators

The labyrinth journey combines physical and mental elements, promoting mindfulness, reflection, and a deeper connection to God. It offers educators clarity, purpose, and spiritual growth.

Soul Speak

Children are given the opportunity to train in the Writing Process, through imaginative and reflective activities that encourage them to pray creatively. The children are provided with age-appropriate resources in English and Maltese to express themselves in their preferred language.

A Three-Week Course in Creating & Animating Prayer Spaces

This course will equip the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to create and run a prayer space in a given setting.