Letting Go

Narnia: Sorry

This is part of an activity series based on C.S.Lewis’ Narnia tales. When Edmund follows his sister, Lucy, through the wardrobe and into Narnia, he meets someone called the White Witch. The Witch tempts Edmund with sweets and then tricks him into doing something terrible. We are fragile, and sometimes we all do and say bad things.

  • Is there something that you’ve done or said recently that you regret? …

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Torn Clothes

In ancient Middle Eastern culture, people would tear their clothes when someone died. This tearing symbolises that the deceased person had been torn away from their loved ones.

  • Have you lost someone you love or a friend?
  • Take a corner of the fabric. Tear or cut a piece off.
  • Think about the deceased person and the pain you are feeling while holding the piece of fabric in your hand…

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Who Do You Say I Am

How do you feel about God? Which name connected with God appeals most to you?

  • Take your time to read the titles that describe God. Find the name of God which makes you feel closest to God.
  • Say this prayer during the day: Loving Father, Lord God, my Saviour.

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Name That Feeling

We feel happy and sad, angry, lonely, confused and afraid, anxious and excited…all in one day!

  • How do you feel right now?
  • Do you know why you feel the way you feel?
  • Have a look at the feeling image cards. Which one (or two) shows how you feel right now?
  • You can use the Scrabble letters to form and add a word or two describing what the picture means to you…

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Stress Less

In the Bible, one of Jesus’ friends, Peter, writes: ‘Cast all your worries onto God because he cares for you.’ (1 Peter 5:7)

  • What are you worried about right now? Is there something that’s been making you feel stressed?
  • Put your hands in the bowl of aqua beads and gently take two handfuls of them. As the aqua beads run through your fingers, imagine the worry and stress slipping away too…

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Finger Breathing

Learning breathing techniques can help us to cope with big feelings.

  • Stretch out one hand, so you have space between your fingers. Hold up your pointer finger from the other hand. Starting at the bottom of your thumb, trace up the side of each finger and then down the other side.
  • As you go up the side of a finger, breathe in and think of good things or things you are thankful for…

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Transition Flags

Some people like change. Some people don’t like change. Some people feel excited, and others feel worried. Maybe you feel a bit of both? That’s OK.

  • Choose a flag.
  • On one side, write or draw something about the school you are leaving that you are thankful for.
  • On the other side, write or draw something about the new school that you are looking forward to next year, something that you are excited about or worried about…

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Weather Series


How does the sunshine make you feel? …

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Vitamin J

Have you ever been sick, and the doctor prescribed vitamins? Vitamins are substances found in many of the foods we eat. Our body needs vitamins to carry out many things, like helping you grow and develop. Likewise, our soul and spiritual life need ‘vitamins’ to grow stronger. And do you know which vitamin is most needed? Vitamin J (Jesus)! Jesus is the complete ‘multi-vitamin’. Jesus contains everything one needs! …

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The Cage

Sometimes we feel trapped by the circumstances we are passing through or by our feelings. These circumstances can be various, every now and then, things on the outside (external) make life difficult, like other people or situations in which we find ourselves. At times, things inside (internal) make life difficult, like fears and low self-esteem.

  • Are you feeling trapped? If yes, what is making you feel trapped? …

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Saying Sorry – Cross

Sometimes we say and do things that hurt people, but then we are sorry about what we said or did. Lifting our eyes to the cross, we ask for forgiveness of our sins.

  • Think about something for which you wish to say I am sorry.
  • Write it as a prayer on the cross.
  • Afterwards, you might want to say sorry to the person as well…

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Reconciliation Zips

When people argue and fight, they get separated from each other, and they are not together anymore. People can become separated because of different opinions, skin colour, religious beliefs, nation, sexuality, clothing styles…all kinds of things.

  • Think about a situation where people argued and became separated.
  • Zips are clever because they bring two sides together. Reconciliation means bringing two sides together…

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