This Prayer Space shall help to think about situations where the human being argues, and sometimes separates himself/herself from the other person whom he/she had the argument with. Through the zips, we are to think about a situation and pray for reconciliation.

Equipment: zips, cane basket

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years

When people argue and fight, they get separated from each other, and they are not together anymore. People can become separated because of different opinions, skin colour, religious beliefs, nation, sexuality, clothing styles…all kinds of things.

  • Think about a situation where people argued and became separated.
  • Zips are clever because they bring two sides together. Reconciliation means bringing two sides together.
  • Take a zip and open it.
  • While holding the opened zip in your hand, place this situation in front of God and spare a quiet prayer for the people you’re thinking of as you do up the zip.

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