During this prayer activity, one reflects on a reflection played that focuses on letting go of worries and trusting God.

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


  • Sit down.
  • Put on the headphones and switch on the MP3 player.
  • Try to ignore everything else in the room.
  • Listen to the instructions and follow them if you want to.

Life can be so busy.

Whether at home, at school or college, or being with family or friends, we can so easily fill our time with things to do, things to think about, and the demands of all the people that fill our lives.

Often the last thing we want to do is take a bit of time out just to stop;

And it’s even more difficult to take a break when there’s something on your mind that you’re worried about.

Be still for a moment and think about the things that worry you.

In front of you are slips of paper and pens.

  • Take a piece of paper and write down one word, or just one letter, that, to you, represents each thing that’s causing you to worry or feel stressed. This is just for you – it is completely anonymous.
  • Fold the paper a couple of times and hold it in your hand, as if you are holding on to the stuff you wrote down.

When you hold on to it tightly, no one else can see it, no one else can help, no one else can take it away.

Imagine that you could give these worries to someone who really cares for you.

Worrying about something does not usually make it any better, or make the problem go away. Usually it just messes with our heads and stops us from feeling any kind of inner peace.

For the few minutes you are here, this is your chance to put those worries to one side.

  • When you are ready, relax your fingers and hands.
  • When you want to, let the paper go. Drop it into the box in front of you.
  • How does it feel to release your worries this way?

Talking to others about the things that worry us can help. Who are the people who come and talk to you? Who can you talk to about the things that worry you?

A wise religious man once said, “Pray – and let God worry.” Christians believe that God loves people, knows them completely, is more powerful than any worry and is always there to listen.


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