Ktieb, ħabib u gwida għaż-żgħażagħ li qed ifittxu it-Triq tal-Ħajja. Ġabra ta’ stejjer, esperjenzi, ħsibijiet miġbura minn ħargiet imgħoddija ta’ fuljett għaż-żgħażagħ maħruġ mill-Ġiżwiti. Illum ukoll għandna żgħażagħ li qed ifittxu ftit sens fid-dinja tal-lum, bl-isfidi kollha tagħha. Nifs frisk ta’ ħajja li ma tinxifx u li jmiss kull qalb żagħżugħa li qed tfittex it-Triq tal-Ħajja.

Intervista ma’ Fr Paul Chetcuti sj dwar kif u għala fforma It-Triq Għaż-Żgħażagħ Rigal Sabiħ għal Żgħażagħ minn 12-il sena ‘l fuq… Read more »

Pray for the World

pray for the world-candles


Look at the world map.

Do you have any family members, relatives or friends living abroad? Have you heard any news about these countries?

  • Take a battery tea light candle and as you switch it on, say a thought or prayer for a country or someone you know living in another country.
  • Place the candle onto the map of the country you offered your prayer for…

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Pray the News

To pray is to believe in change. Choose one of the news stories in front of you that impacts you and that you would like to see changed.

  • How does it make you feel?
  • What would you pray for?
  • Write your responses on post-it notes and place them near the article.

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Please Beads

God enjoys listening to our hopes, prayers, needs, and wants. Speaking to God is like having a conversation with a friend.

  • Pick up a glass bead from the green bowl, hold it in your hands, and think quietly about your hopes and wishes.
  • Express them to God in a very simple way.
  • Now place the glass bead in the yellow bowl to ask God’ please’…

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Future Adventure

We all think about our future, and the term ‘future’ forms part of our frequent vocabulary. Thinking about the future links us to live the virtue of hope. It is true that sometimes thinking about our future makes us feel uncertain, stressed, and even fearful. On the other hand, the future represents opportunities, adventures, planning, hopes, and aspirations.

  •  Think about the career you would like to aspire to…

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Do you remember when you were searching the internet, youtube or watching on TV an actor, footballer or a person relating their experience of life and it struck you? Maybe you kept on pondering on a scene, or it reminded you of such events that occurred in your life? Are there any persons whom you would like to get to know?

  •  Think of a person in the group whom you would like to know better…

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Hopes and Dream


Everyone has his own hopes and dreams – things we desire, what to become when we grow up, things we would like to do, or places we would like to visit.

  • Write down a hope and a dream on a sticky note or on the templates provided.
  • Take some time to offer your hopes and dreams to the Lord…

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Bow Wow Snuggly Tom


Certainly, you have heard different animal sounds like a bird whistling or a dog barking. Animals are part of God creation. God gave man the mission to take care of the animals and all of his creation. Those who hold a pet are surely familiar with what it entails to take care of an animal.

  • Imagine you are in a zoo or farm, while looking at the animals in the handout…

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Asking Questions Leads to Wisdom

Il-Mistoqsija Oħt il-Għerf

Daniela tinteressa ruħha f’kollox u għalhekk tħobb tistaqsi ħafna mistoqsijiet. Lil missierha tħobb tistaqsih dwar l-annimali tal-ġungla, il-ħut tal-baħar, it-tjur tal-ajru u dwar kreaturi oħra speċjalment wara li jkunu raw xi dokumentarju flimkien fuq it-televixin.

Lil ommha tħobb tistaqsiha dwar il-wirt Malti wara li tkun żaret xi palazz, mużew, forti, jew xi tempju preistoriku ma’ tal-iskola…

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Olympic Flame


Did you ever watch the Olympic Games on TV? What a nice feeling seeing all those participants looking forward to represent their country. They do to their their very best to get the best results.  Olympic athletes train hard and love their sport.

  • Take some time to think of something that you would like to learn or start practising.  It might be a sport, it might be something artistic or learning to play a musical instrument.  Maybe a school subject that you want to study more seriously, or to be more helpful or generous…

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Christmas: Cold Christmas

hands holding candle


Baby Jesus was born in a manger on a very cold winter’s night. Mary and Joseph were fearful thinking that the baby is feeling cold. The shepherds too were taking care of their sheep out on an open hillside in the cold. The angel’s first words when he appeared to them were: ‘’Do not be afraid…”

  • Imagine Jesus repeating these words to you…
  • Think about all that you are afraid of…

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Christmas: Christmas Journey

During the first Christmas Mary and Joseph experienced a very difficult journey but at the end of it, their weariness turned into everlasting joy with the birth of Jesus.

  • Think about an experience in your life where you felt exhausted and thought of giving up.  
  • Reflect on this experience and remember all that you encountered like people, objects and situations…

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