In this prayer space one thinks of people who deserve a warm welcome and to pray so one puts love and compassion into practice.

Equipment: Body and arms template, biros and pencils

Related to Liturgy: 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year A

Related to Bible: Matthew 25: 31-46   




Strangers are people whom we do not know.  Maybe we have never met them or avoided getting to know them because they are different.  Feeling like a stranger is unpleasant, and God wants no one to feel left out.  Like God, we must open our arms to everyone, including new children in our school and people in our neighbourhood.    

  • Take some time to think of strangers with whom you can give a warm welcome.  It could be someone in your neighbourhood or at school. 
  •  Write their names on the template provided. 
  • After you stick the body to the arms template pray to God to help you welcome everyone with kind words and actions. 


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