Summer School

Engaging online prayer spaces during Skolasajf 2021

Once again, as in previous years, the Spiritual Development in Schools (SDS) has been invited to offer the Prayer Spaces experience to children attending Skolasajf organised by FES.

This year the main theme for Skolasajf was ‘An I in every Winner’. This slogan aimed to punctuate the importance that every individual has his own individual talents which can make him successful in his chosen path… Read more »

Summer School 2021

The theme of summer school 2021 organised by FES is ‘There is an I in every winner‘.

The I in every winner, will find it’s full potential and wholesome goal, when in touch with those around us and God and so ‘I + we + God = 1’.

With all this in mind, SDS has developed a series of 3 illustrated stories, including audio and video clip versions, together with a series of other activities based on the story: prayer spaces, crafts, games, action songs, and more… Read more »

Unique Finger

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Petra and Thea are two identical twins. They are always close together and share the same likes. They like to eat fruits, vegetables, and pizza. They also like to dress like each other and do their hair in the same style. They spend a lot of time together in the small garden of their house… Read more »


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“Hello children, how do you feel this morning after the weekend?” asked the PE teacher to his students, who happily entered the gym. And he went on to tell them: “May you feel good! Now, before we start with the physical exercises, I am going to ask you a question, and whoever answers correctly will choose which exercises or game he wants us to do.” And he asked them: “Do you know any events that take place every four years?” Promptly, Ivan replied: “The World Cup, Sir”, While Lisa answered: “The Olympic Games, Sir!” And Ben told him: “When we have a leap year!”

“Well done, the three of you responded well,” the teacher told them as he continued: “And today we will be watching a short video clip about the Olympic Games and then talk a little about it as well… Read more »

One World

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Karim signed up with the football nursery, and he looks forward to Saturday morning to go to the training! Apart from training, he is eager to meet some of his classmates as well as other children who train with him and who like him have left their country in the hope of living a better life in another country… Read more »

In Tune – Within our common home

IN TUNE – Within Our Common Home consists of seven exercises for children who are in classes from year three till year eight. 

These exercises invite the participants to reflect and pray in a creative and joyful way about the various realities related to creation. Among them, are the beauty of creation in its diversity, the degradation of the environment, and the various needs of different people around the world… Read more »