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Petra and Thea are two identical twins. They are always close together and share the same likes. They like to eat fruits, vegetables, and pizza. They also like to dress like each other and do their hair in the same style. They spend a lot of time together in the small garden of their house. Sometimes while one of them sows some seeds and cuttings, the other waters the trees and plants. They go to school on foot, are in the same class, and are keen on Art. During their free time, they use their artistic talent to create drawings. While Petra likes to paint with pencil colours, Thea prefers to draw with poster colours.

One day during the Art lesson, a small accident happened. While all the children in the class were drawing their pictures to be hung on the walls along the school corridor, a kitten entered the classroom from a low window.

There was chaos amongst the children.  Some of them were happy to see the kitten and wanted to hold him. Some others were afraid as they were allergic to cat fur. As some of the children went to hold him in their hands, the kitten jumped over the tables and dropped Thea’s poster colours onto the floor. Oh, what a mess!

Calmly, the teacher walked the kitten out of the classroom and tried to turn this mess into something positive. She smiled at the children and said, “Let every one of us stick our fingers in the colours and leave our fingerprints on this big cardboard paper. Then we shall write our name under the fingerprint.” And so they did. Then the children wiped the colour off their fingers and looked at all the fingerprints on the cardboard paper.

The teacher then told them: “Now look carefully and notice that everyone has their different fingerprints. Even Petra and Thea, who are two identical twins, have different fingerprints from each other. And it is not just our fingerprints that are different, but also each and every one of us who are all unique and different from each other.”

And what about you? Would you like to stick your fingers in the colours and leave a fingerprint on cardboard paper?

If yes, after leaving a fingerprint on the cardboard paper, write your name under the print and say a ‘thank you’ prayer to God for making you who you are, unique and different from others.

Remember that God has made us all different, and he celebrates our uniqueness. Although God created us to resemble him and each other, we are all different.