The pursuit of peace is a shared endeavour, one that starts within each individual. This fundamental truth was brought to life through the remarkable collaboration of Spiritual Development in Schools (SDS) and the Foundation for Educational Service (FES) in offering the Prayer Space experience for children attending Skolasajf in Malta and Gozo.


The main theme chosen for this year’s edition of Skolasajf 2023 was “Peace by Piece”. This slogan urges people to do their part, no matter how small, as all the individual ‘’pieces of peace’’ will build the peace that is so needed by everyone. Peace does not mean only not fighting. It is also ways how one can learn to be calm and appreciate others; how to take care of the natural environment to pass it on to future generations; how to be honest and not sow the seeds of discord among friends and colleagues; and be able to take morally good decisions that will have a positive impact on others around us. The collective of everyone will help to build a better and stronger society.


The serene landscapes of Lunzjata Valley in Kerċem, Gozo and the Madonna tal-Providenza Chapel in Siġġiewi served as venues where the prayer activities took place on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd  and 7th till the 11th of August respectively.

Prayer Activities

The prayer activities offered a unique opportunity for young minds to engage with their spirituality and reflect on the theme of peace.

From jigsaw prayers to creating badges of peace, the children were immersed in 10 prayer activities that encouraged them to explore different facets of peace-making. Through hands-on creative activities, children reflected and learned the value of friendship, forgiveness, and making morally sound decisions, all contributing to a more peaceful society.

Participating Skolasajf Centres

The participation of Skolasajf centers across Malta and Gozo mainly; Mqabba, Rabat, Siġġiewi, Dingli, Qrendi, Luqa, Qormi San Bastjan, Ħamrun SS, Safi & Żurrieq and  Għajnsielem Nadur & Qala, Victora Middle-Xewkija, Żebbuġ (Għarb & San Lawrenz), Xagħra, Sannat (Kerċem), underscored the collective commitment to nurturing a generation that champions peace.

Thank You!

The Spiritual Development in Schools team is grateful to Mr Justin Balzan Programme Coordinator – Programmes (PDDI) at Foundation for Educational Services for his collaboration and coordination as well as the dedication of centre coordinators, play workers, and educators. Their efforts created a safe and nurturing environment where children could explore their spirituality and cultivate their understanding of peace.

As the echoes of this year’s Skolasajf fade into memory, the message remains clear: peace truly starts with each one of us, as we contribute our own “pieces of peace” to build a world that thrives on understanding, compassion, and unity. The Prayer Spaces initiative not only facilitated personal growth but also sowed the seeds for a brighter, harmonious future.