Animation of the story: ‘One World’

An interactive storytelling session about a boy who signed up with the football nursery and together with his coach and friends wrote prayers for the countries of the world.

During this session, the students participated in the animation of the story ‘One World’ from the Book ‘Spazju għal Qalbi – Beloved Space’ by Ms Silvana Cardona. They eagerly answered questions, shared their thoughts, and contributed to the storyline, making the sessions more engaging and personalized…

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A memorable evening of C.O.N.G. and Prayer Spaces at Mount St Joseph

On a serene Saturday evening, June 12th, 2023, a group of participants from the prayer group “Christ Our Neighbour Group” (C.O.N.G.) were welcomed by Fr Reuben Gauci to embark on a spiritual experience. With hearts full of hope and open minds, they gathered to experience prayer spaces, a profound encounter that left them touched and inspired.

As the participants entered Mount St Joseph, they were greeted with an aura of tranquillity and an ambience that seemed to whisper serenity…

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Cherished Prayer Moments that Uplifted My Heart and Soul

The La Salle Family Fest held on Wednesday, 14th June 2023, was a day of celebration and togetherness for Grade 1, 2, and 3 boys and their parents/guardians. It was a time for the entire community to come together and spend quality time, fostering a sense of unity and belonging. The day kicked off with a celebration of Holy Mass. Among the various activities and events that took place later on, the inclusion of prayer spaces added a spiritual dimension to the festivities…

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Prayer Spaces Network Meeting

On Wednesday, 10th May 2023, educators who created or animated prayer spaces or wish to know more about prayer spaces met online to strengthen the network of the people setting up prayer spaces in schools. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what God is doing with the young and adults through the prayer spaces in our schools and other places.

After Fr Reuben introduced the meeting, Ms Silvana Cardona interviewed Ms Bernadette Sammut Briffa, chaplain at Sacred Heart College, and Ms Maria Barbara, an educator at St Paul Missionary College, who shared their experience with prayer spaces…

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I am a Hero when …

The Spiritual Development in Schools together with Prayer Spaces team members and other volunteers once again collaborated with Foundation for Educational Services (FES) and offered the Prayer Spaces experience in person for children attending Skolasajf.

Theme Skola Sajf 2022 Logo

This year’s main theme of Skolasajf 2022 was ‘Earth Heroes, Unite’. This slogan drew on the need to be united in the face of adversary so that together we will reap the fruit of our work and commitment where the collective of everyone will help to build a better and stronger society…

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Peace, Love and Joy

During the month of May 2022, Prayer Spaces sessions took place at St Clare College Gzira Primary and Maria Regina College Induction Hub Primary Naxxar Schools. On the 4th and 5th of May, the sessions occurred at Gzira Primary while at Induction Hub Primary Naxxar, they happened on the 9th and 12th of May, 2022. Prayer Spaces stations were prepared by the SDS team in rooms provided by the schools’ leadership teams…

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Lord Teach us To Pray

On Saturday 23rd April 2022, a seminar for catechists entitled ‘Lord Teach us to Pray!’ (Mulej Għallimna Nitolbu!) was held at the Archbishop’s Curia Refectory.

The seminar was organized by Lifelong Catechesis in collaboration with Spiritual Development in Schools (SDS) within the Archdiocese of Malta.

Throughout the seminar, Rev Fr Reuben Gauci showed methods of prayer in the Christian Tradition and offered practical suggestions as to how one can help children and pre-adolescents discover prayer life and pray…

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Esperjenza Rikka fil-Kulleġġ San Tumas More Primary B Żejtun

Din is-sena, żmien ir-Randan ħalla l-frott fl-iskola tagħna, għax flimkien mal-istudenti tagħna, għexna din l-esperjenza sabiħa flimkien li resqitna qrib iktar ta’ dak li qed jiġri madwarna, kellna ċ-ċans nirriflettu dwar il-ħajja li qed ngħixu u kien mod kreattiv ta’ kif tlabna lkoll flimkien mal-klassijiet tagħna bħala komunita’.

It-tfal kellhom iċ-ċans jesploraw temi soċjali fid-dawl tal-imħabba li aħna bħala nsara għandna nuru ma’ ħutna fil-bżonn…

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“A very valuable morning, I felt many emotions”

On Wednesday 9th March 2022, the National Literacy Agency welcomed the Spiritual Development in Schools team to deliver a training session about prayer spaces to the Heads of the Department for Literacy and other NLA personnel.

Fr Reuben Gauci commenced the session by introducing the SDS team and its role in supporting, providing and accompanying educators and students in schools with spiritual activities…

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“Do you Love me?” – Deep Questions during Lent 2022

The Spiritual Development in Schools team has embarked on several prayer space activities in different Primary, Middle and Secondary State Schools in Malta during Lent 2022.

The SDS team carried out various prayer space activities in classrooms at St George Preca College Pieta Primary,  St George Preca College Hamrun GP Primary, St Margeret College Vittoriosa Primary and St Benedict College Żurrieq Primary State Schools…

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“I felt part of a community who is feeling or going through the same challenges as myself.”

On Tuesday, 8th February 2022, the Spiritual Development in Schools team delivered training about ‘What are Prayer Spaces and Values’ with a group of forty educators from St Thomas More College Żejtun Primary B. 

The training helped educators realize that with simple everyday objects and spaces, one can reflect and pray and continue to build meaningful relationships within the Self, Others, The World and God…

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