In Tune – Within our common home

Seven prayer spaces related to creation

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IN TUNE – Within Our Common Home consists of seven exercises for children who are in classes from year three till year eight. 

These exercises invite the participants to reflect and pray creatively and joyfully about the various realities related to creation. Among them are the beauty of creation in its diversity, the degradation of the environment, and the various needs of different people worldwide. In this creative and age-appropriate way, participants, together with the help of educators, will grow in knowledge and appreciation towards the life of every human person and all the creation that our planet hosts.

The topics to be covered are:

  1. Appreciating Nature/ Napprezzaw in-Natura
  2. Sister Sun/ Oħti x-Xemx
  3. Empty Plate/ Platt Vojt
  4. Brother Moon/ Ħija l-Qamar
  5. Brother Wind/ Ħija r-Riħ
  6. Our Common Home/ Id-Dar Komuni Tagħna
  7. Flags Prayers/ Bnadar ta’ Talb


For educators

Resources are being provided so educators can help the participants during this learning process. The material consists of 7 lessons/planned sessions related to each theme mentioned further in this document under the main ecological theme ‘In Tune-Within Our Common Home’. In each lesson plan, one can find different and simple steps of how to lead every session, a link corresponding to a short video clip related to the respective theme and other resources that might help in the process of this educational experience of a spiritual nature. Every session is approximately 30 – 40 minutes.

For children

These seven exercises of seven different themes will be presented to children as a booklet in English and Maltese. The children can choose the language they prefer to follow in the booklet. In the booklet, one finds the instructions with simple sentences and templates of the material, which are to be drawn, cut, and then reflected upon.

Our Common Home

In this prayer space, one is invited to ponder upon how one can make a difference in taking simple eco-actions to save our planet earth.

Canticle Of Creatures Indoor: Brother Wind

In this prayer space one is invited to think how s/he can make good use of his/her energy in the same way that ‘brother wind’ can produce pollution free energy by making good use of its power.

Canticle Of Creatures Indoor: Brother Sun

In this prayer space while thanking God for the gift of the sun, one will have the time to think of how like the ‘brother sun’ s/he can happily start the days for oneself and for those around him/her.

Flags Prayers

This prayer space one is reminded that different flags represent different countries, and hence is given time to choose a country and pray for its needs.

Canticle Of Creatures Indoor: Sister Moon

In this prayer space one can express to God how he/she feels about changing and growing up.

Empty Plate

Apart from praying for world leaders to be given wisdom and courage to lead fairly, this prayer space also helps one to reflect on living without food due to injustice and economic-greed.

Appreciating Nature

During this prayer space, one has the time to show gratitude to God for what nature has to offer.

Other prayer spaces related to sustainable development

Cleansing Water

Through the tainted pebble with soil, this prayer space invites oneself to think about his/her bad habits and to ask for God’s help to get rid of them.

Forgiveness For Greed

In this prayer space one is invited to reflect on the greedyness not only globally by mostly personally, and to ask for forgiveness for such greedy actions.

People in the World

Through prayer and images, this prayer space helps one to ponder upon people who are suffering in various ways around the world.

Plastic Planet

During this prayer space one is invited to reflect about ways how to make less the use of plastic.

Cardboard Home

During this time one is given time to reflect and pray for people who suffer poverty and are homeless.

Building Blocks

In this prayer space one is asked to relfect on one’s daily actions and how such actions are helping to build a better world.