Prayer Spaces

Awe and wonder in outdoor environments

If you have never run an outdoor prayer space, you might not know all the wonderful things it can do for children and young people, for the school and for your local community. As the weather warms up and the sun begins to shine more regularly, there is no better time to think about running an outdoor prayer space in your local school.

Here are 10 reasons why you might want to run an outdoor prayer space:

  1. Most of us feel better in all sorts of ways when we have spent time outdoors.  …
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“A very valuable morning, I felt many emotions”

On Wednesday 9th March 2022, the National Literacy Agency welcomed the Spiritual Development in Schools team to deliver a training session about prayer spaces to the Heads of the Department for Literacy and other NLA personnel.

Fr Reuben Gauci commenced the session by introducing the SDS team and its role in supporting, providing and accompanying educators and students in schools with spiritual activities… Read more »

Prayer Spaces in Schools February 22 Newsletter

Dear friends,

It has been a busy month for Prayer Spaces in Schools, and a sober few weeks for Ukraine. We invite you to join us in praying for the people, the leaders and for peace in the coming weeks.

New Prayer Activities for Ukraine

We have developed a series of 6 prayer activities to help children and young people pray for the crisis that is currently unfolding in Ukraine… Read more »

Prayer Spaces Training Session about Advent

The purpose of this online Prayer Spaces session was so that chaplains and pastoral carers from different locations could share their experiences of Prayer Spaces in Schools. It was organised by Prayer Spaces in Schools in UK on the 29th November 2021. The aim of the session was also to share innovative ideas so that we can all create the best prayer spaces possible to serve our school communities… Read more »

Integrating Prayer Spaces into the Curriculum

In Primary education, Prayer Spaces can be easily integrated into the curriculum through a thematic, cross-curricular approach. This approach makes learning more meaningful, helps students reflect, give their opinion, question, discuss, think out of the box, and initiate their learning.

Prayer Spaces and Learning Outcomes in language teaching, art, design and technology

The themes of a Prayer Space activity can be linked to learning outcomes and skills in language teaching such as self-expression, writing, literacy, listening and reading skills, and creativity through art and design… Read more »

Action Songs, Animated Stories and Prayer Spaces during a Family Writing Activity

On the 3rd of November 2021, the National Literacy Agency in collaboration with Prayer Spaces within the Spiritual Development in Schools organised an online Family Writing Activity entitled ‘Together We Win/Nirbħu Lkoll Flimkien’. This activity was sponsored by Merlin Publishers.

‘Together We Win/Nirbħu Lkoll Flimkien’ offered a unique opportunity for parents/caregivers to participate in an educational experience related to creative reflection and hands-on prayers with their children… Read more »

A collaborative spiritual session between SDS and KDT

A group of twenty-four young children from the Diocese Commission for Children experienced a spiritual interactive session.  The session, which was led by Spiritual Development in Schools, took place at St Monica School Gzira, on Saturday, 16th October 2021.  All the necessary precautions and health restrictions measures were taken as the children entered the classroom and found an individual chair and desk where to stay… Read more »

A live interview with SDS during the TV Programme ‘Illum ma’ Steph’

Fil-programm ‘Illum ma’ Steph’ li xxandar b’mod dirett nhar it-Tlieta 12 t’ Ottubru 2021 fuq TVM, Fr Reuben Gauci koordinatur tal-SDS flimkien ma’ Silvana Cardona ħaddiema pastorali fl-SDS, tkellmu dwar il-ħidma tagħhom fl-iżvilupp spirtwali fl-iskejjel, b’mod partikulari f’dawk tal-Istat u Indipendenti. Il-preżentattriċi s-Sa Stephanie Spiteri staqsiet dwar il-koordinament mar-Religious Counsellors u s-servizz tagħhom fl-iskejjel, kif ukoll dwar prayer spaces li hija waħda mill-inzjattivi li jgħinu lit-tfal jikbru fl-ispirtwalità tagħhom personali u flimkien… Read more »

Engaging online prayer spaces during Skolasajf 2021

Once again, as in previous years, the Spiritual Development in Schools (SDS) has been invited to offer the Prayer Spaces experience to children attending Skolasajf organised by FES.

This year the main theme for Skolasajf was ‘An I in every Winner’. This slogan aimed to punctuate the importance that every individual has his own individual talents which can make him successful in his chosen path… Read more »