This prayer space encourages students to think about the career they would like to follow, their hopes and wishes for their future, and to reflect that our future is in God’s hands.

Equipment: label or strips of papers and glue, candles, matches, pens and pencils, future mind map.

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


We all think about our future, and the term ‘future’ forms part of our frequent vocabulary. Thinking about the future links us to live the virtue of hope. It is true that sometimes thinking about our future makes us feel uncertain, stressed, and even fearful. On the other hand, the future represents opportunities, adventures, planning, hopes, and aspirations.

  •  Think about the career you would like to aspire to.
  •  On a strip of paper, write which career you would like to follow.
  •  Choose a candle, stick the label on it and light up the candle
  •  Put the candle on the future sketch where God is the centre because our future is in his hands.
  •  Express your hopes, wishes, or prayers to God for the future.


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