This prayer space helps one to ponder upon the good qualities of Jesus as the King, and how we as his followers are to imitate him to be kings and queens by serving and loving.

Equipment: encouragement labels, a white or coloured paper, colours, markers, pen, pencil

Related to Liturgy: 34th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C) - Solemnity of Christ the King

Related to Bible: Luke 23:35-43   

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


JJesus is a King but not like the influential people of our world who live in palaces, have a lot of money, live a comfortable life, and are afraid to suffer for those around them. Thus, Jesus teaches us that to live a good life, we are to live a simple life, serving and loving each other, carrying out our duties and doing what is good.

  • Take a look at the encouragement labels that Jesus practised throughout his life.
  • Choose one
  • On the other side of the label, write a prayer to God to help you live as a just person like Jesus by spreading (what there is written in the label you chose) wherever you are.


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