On Saturday 23rd April 2022, a seminar for catechists entitled ‘Lord Teach us to Pray!’ (Mulej Għallimna Nitolbu!) was held at the Archbishop’s Curia Refectory.

The seminar was organized by Lifelong Catechesis in collaboration with Spiritual Development in Schools (SDS) within the Archdiocese of Malta.

Throughout the seminar, Rev Fr Reuben Gauci showed methods of prayer in the Christian Tradition and offered practical suggestions as to how one can help children and pre-adolescents discover prayer life and pray.

The Prayer Spaces during the session

Pastoral workers from the SDS team led participants to experience prayer in the hands-on and creative prayer experience known as Prayer Spaces.

The various prayer spaces related to Easter and the Gospel, mental health, self-identity, friendships, life big questions, prayer wall, and being still, helped the catechists to reflect and pray for themselves, other people, and the world.

Positive Feedback

‘I liked the Be Questions and the Bottle of Tears prayer spaces most because as a human being and in my fragility, I do not always understand the difficult and heavy situations”

“I felt calm, vulnerable and peaceful.”

“It was a new experience, the set-up and soft music helped me to reflect on my personal life.”

“The prayer spaces were a means to stop from the busy life.”

“This creative way of prayer is good and beneficial for adults too.”

“So simple, yet impressive and effective as they touch your interiority.”

“I liked the Be Still quiet prayer space. This place is so welcoming and you feel you are entering a safe place to reflect and pray.”

Group Discussions

During the seminar, the catechists had time for group discussions, to share, and to ask further questions about how prayer spaces could be used during Catechesis to help children and pre-adolescents pray in a creative way.