An interactive storytelling session about a boy who signed up with the football nursery and together with his coach and friends wrote prayers for the countries of the world.

During this session, the students participated in the animation of the story ‘One World’ from the Book ‘Spazju għal Qalbi – Beloved Space’ by Ms Silvana Cardona. They eagerly answered questions, shared their thoughts, and contributed to the storyline, making the sessions more engaging and personalized.

During the animated reflective story, a world map was placed on the tables so that students could find different countries, reflect on the event or situations happening there and eventually write prayers for those countries.  The children wrote beautiful prayers on sticky notes and lit tea-light battery-operated candles on the countries they wished to pray for.

The ‘Pray for the World’ prayer space allowed them to think about people living in various countries and pray for their relatives who live abroad just like in the story they had just heard.

This story’s animation took place at Theresa Nuzzo School, Marsa, on the 19th of June 2023 by Fr Reuben Gauci and Ms Silvana Cardona.