The ‘Living Love Joyfully’ session promotes spiritual development and provides a distinctive and enriching experience for Year 6 students in State schools.

The focus is that we continue to discover that we can live love joyfully together. Throughout this morning, we are aiding students in fortifying their values, cultivating gratitude, fostering self-recognition and appreciation, acknowledging aspirations and limitations, facilitating growth, and ultimately deepening self-awareness.

In an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie, students emerge stronger as they are encouraged to embrace the changes that come with transitions from childhood to youth and between schools and understand that when we cultivate and share love, we live love joyfully.

Some of the students’ comments about this session include:

“Illum jien u sħabi veru ħadna gost fil-“prayer spaces” imma jien l-aktar li għoġbuni kienu: Tar-ramel, il-kamp u tal-mera. Dawn għamluni nħossni ferħana, kalma u fil-paċi. Bħala suġġeriment nixtieq li l-ħin ikun naqra aktar twil. Grazzi ħafna! ☺” Faith

“L-iktar ħaġa li kont ħadt gost hija li għamilna l-activities għax aħna kellimna lil Ġesù. Ħaġa oħra li kont ħadt gost hija li għamilna l-Quddiesa. Jien ħassejtni vera ferħan għax l-activities kollha kienu sbieħ u jiena ħadt ħafna gost!” Aidan

“Kienet tassew interessanti. Laqtuni ħafna mill-attivitajiet li kellna. Xtaqt nesprimi x-xewqa tiegħi li kieku dawn I-attivitajiet ikollhom ħin itwal.” Randolf

Engaging Welcome

The session starts with a warm welcome, fostering a friendly atmosphere through introductions and an engaging ice-breaking game. Students are encouraged to interact and connect, laying the foundation for community.

Animated Storytelling

The morning’s highlight is an animated storytelling session featuring ‘The Courageous Camel’. As the camel embarks on a quest for happiness, students are prompted to reflect on identity, attributes, and the significance of personal qualities in unfamiliar environments. The story challenges them to explore their gifts, confront challenges, and consider their relationships with God, others, and all creation.

Prayer Space and Spiritual Reflection

A prayer space with various prayer activities is set in the hall for students to explore and experience for themselves. This reflective, creative, and interactive prayer space encourages a personal connection with their spirituality. Each prayer activity, such as ‘Pray for the World’, ‘Being Brave’, ‘Hopeful Journey’, ‘Forgiveness Stones’, ‘Peace Oasis’, and more, prompt thoughtful responses and a deeper understanding of their relationship with themselves and others, the world, and God.

Fostering Gratitude and Joy in Holy Mass

Integrated into the session was a Holy Mass that weaved themes utilizing personal qualities for the greater good, learning from mistakes, asking forgiveness, embracing gratitude, and joy in love. As students joined in songs and prayer, they are reminded of the importance of their relationship with God and his love for them.  


The ‘Living Love Joyfully’ session is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education, the Office for Religious Education and Spiritual Development in Schools. The session unfolds at St Joseph Home in St Venera and is animated by Fr Reuben Gauci, coordinator at SDS, alongside pastoral workers Anne Marie Gatt and Silvana Cardona.