On Wednesday, 10th May 2023, educators who created or animated prayer spaces or wish to know more about prayer spaces met online to strengthen the network of the people setting up prayer spaces in schools. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what God is doing with the young and adults through the prayer spaces in our schools and other places.

After Fr Reuben introduced the meeting, Ms Silvana Cardona interviewed Ms Bernadette Sammut Briffa, chaplain at Sacred Heart College, and Ms Maria Barbara, an educator at St Paul Missionary College, who shared their experience with prayer spaces. Ms Bernadette shared how she learned about prayer spaces in the UK and then passed on the information to Fr Paul Chetcuti sj. Ms Maria talked about how she knew about the prayer spaces course, which inspired her to set up prayer spaces in her school with other educators. After these interviews, the educators shared their experiences and wishes in small breakout rooms where they could talk about challenges and positive experiences. The questions were later collected for more follow-up meetings.

The networking of people who are interested in prayer spaces strengthens the faith in God’s love for us all and to minister to our communities in schools, churches and other places. May every person experience the beauty of prayer and the meeting of God within.

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