In this prayer space while thanking God for the gift of the sun, one will have the time to think of how like the ‘brother sun’ s/he can happily start the days for oneself and for those around him/her.

Equipment: Sun template and markers




Once a man named Francis who lived in Assisi wanted to show the people how much they should be thankful for the gift of life and all created things such as the sun. He used to refer to the sun, wind, air, and fire as his brothers and to the moon, stars, earth, water, and death as his sisters.  Have you ever thought of the sun as your brother? Like a good brother, the sun makes your days brighter, fills you with energy and makes you feel warm. 

  • Take some time to think how like the ‘brother sun’ you can happily start your days for you and those around you.
  • Take a sun template and draw or make up a smiley face on it.
  • Now, you can take some time to thank God for the gift of the Sun and ask him to help you bring happiness to everyone you meet. 


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