In this prayer space, one thinks of people who bring joy and the joyful moments one had, while praying to God for eternal happiness.

Equipment: Coloured papers, strings, stapler, biros, pencils, colours, markers

Related to Bible: Matthew 5: 3-11   




Can you remember when you felt really happy?  What brings joy and happiness to you? If you could live in a perfect place, what would it be like?  How would you feel in this perfect place? Some believe that one day they will be in heaven with God.  What do you think heaven is like?

  • On one of the papers provided draw or write something or someone who brings joy to your life.
  • Take some time to ask God to provide you with more joyful moments in your life.  Ask him to guide you in finding enteral happiness.
  • You can now staple your paper to the bunting to make a joyful decoration.   


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