During the Advent season, we prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrate Jesus’ first coming when he was born in a poor manger in Bethlehem and we reflect in anticipation of the second coming at the end of time. On this page, we would like to share with you various resources related to this liturgical time.

Resources related to Advent and Christmas

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Christmas: Cold Christmas

In this corner one is asked to reflect on fear. What are you afraid of?

Christmas: Christmas Journey

Here, in this space, one is asked to think about exhausting experiences in his/her life through which you were thinking only to give up but at the end through these experiences we became stonger persons.

Light Of Guidance

This prayer space will help us to think of and pray for those people who guides us and gives us good advices in our lives.

Christmas: Gift Tag

During this time one is to ponder upon his good characteristics.

Christmas: Forgiveness In A Manger

In this prayer space one will be invited to remind oneself that the God in the cradle is a merciful God to which one can express a prayer for forgiveness using the medium of sand.

Christmas: My Gift

In this prayer space one will be asked to think of a gift one wishes for the world such as the gift of peace.

Christmas: Thankful Baubles

This prayer space aims at raising awarneness that gratitude can serve as the best decoration particularly during this time of the year.

Christmas: Worldwide Shepherds

During this prayer space one will have the time to pray for worlwide peoples who are considered as not important and are marginalized just like the shepherds during the time of Jesus birth.

Christmas: Cradle Of Needs

In the prayer space one will be invited to putfoward ones needs and place them in God’s cradle of mercy.

Christmas: You Have Reached Your Destination

This prayer space invites one to imagine the three kings and everyone else searching for Jesus in his/her heart. Will they find Him there?

Christmas: Thankful Stars

This prayer space aims at raising awareneness of the many blessings at home, in nature, during our daily life and particularly during Christmas time that we take for granted.

Christmas: Fingerprints

In this prayer space one maybecome aware that the best gift one can give to Jesus is oneself. A fingerprint will serve as a symbol of these special unique gifts.

Christmas: Amazing Angels

This space gives one time to think about the amazing things (blessings) one has in his life.

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Celebrating Christmas Novena

Let’s meet different objects, characters and animals that are part of the Christmas story to help us prepare more for Jesus’ birth. Some of them are the manger, the cow and the donkey and Joseph.

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