In this prayer space, one is invited to ponder upon the meaning of joy, persons and places that makes oneself feel happy and to thank God for them, related to the third Sunday of Advent.

Equipment: Advent Wreath, balloon template or your own balloon drawing, ribbon, blue crepe paper, pen, markers.

Related to Liturgy: 3rd Sunday of Advent

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



The third Sunday of Advent is known as the “Joyful Sunday”.  The pink candle cheers up a bit the darkness of the purple colour which signifies penance. Rejoice because the birth of Jesus is close-at-hand!

  • Light up the pink candle
  • Draw a balloon or the balloon template and attach a ribbon to it. On the ribbon write names of people and places that make you happy.
  • Thank God for these people and places that make you feel happy.
  •  Hang the balloon on the blue crepe paper that represents the sky.


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