During this prayer space, one is invited to pray and reflect through different weather conditions.

Equipment: coloured papers, tissues, pen and pencils, crayons, a bowl or small pool with water, scissors, a magic pen, a drop template (rain), an icicle template, a storm cloud template. Decorations: a large sun, an umbrella, "God's Promises"



How does the sunshine make you feel? It often makes us feel happy and thankful.

  • Think of something or someone you’re thankful for.
  • Take a piece of tissue paper and onto it write or draw the person or thing that you’re thankful for.
  • Stick the tissue paper on the sun to make our sunshine bright with thankfulness.

Have you ever seen a boat caught in a stormy sea? It can get blown off course and lose its way. Have you ever felt lost or confused and needed some guidance to get back on track? Do you know someone who feels like this right now?

  • Write or draw a thought or prayer onto the storm cloud.
  • As you do this, you can ask God to guide you or the person you are thinking of.

When the snow falls, it looks so fresh and clean, before anyone else has touched it. Christians believe that when we say sorry, God forgives us and makes us clean and fresh like the white, untouched snow.

  • Think of something you are sorry for.
  • Use a magic pen and write it on the icicle.
  • When you are ready dip the icicle in the water and watch the magic.

Sometimes we grumble about rain, but it is essential, and we need it for life. Rain can symbolise the hard times in our lives, but these times can help us grow stronger.

  • Take a water droplet and while holding it in your hands, think about something you find challenging.
  • Write this hard something on the droplet and peg it under the umbrella.
  • In a moment of prayer, ask God to help you in what you are finding hard.

Rainbows remind Christians of God’s promises. Take a look at some of the promises from the Bible.

  • Which one do you like best?
  • Draw around your hand, cut it out and stick it on the wall to create a giant rainbow.
  • Look at the rainbow and always remember that God always keeps his promises.


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