a testimony from 14 year old student

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity in leading three prayer activities with the team. As a 14-year-old student, this proved to be a learning experience for me too both while setting up the stations and also while leading the children into the room and praying with them on the prayer spaces. This experience helped me build new relationships with others and to better understand myself and others.”

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About Prayer spaces in Pieta PS 2018

“The peace and quiet really help us all to stop and turn to our creator and receive all that He has in store for us. With children it is always such a blessing to see them so engaged in the stations, writing deep prayers wholeheartedly. When asked, they always share how peaceful they felt. Though we can’t fully know what they experience, at the end of Prayer Spaces week we lift up their and our thoughts and prayers so that He does His works and wonders in our lives.”

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“… the set-up of the room and the resources used enabled these curates to see prayer spaces from a different perspective and it sparked their imagination on how to make prayer more accessible for every age.”

– Prayer Spaces Organiser