On Monday 7th January 2019, the staff of Sacred Heart College started off the new term with a Mass and faith related reflective sessions.  This included Prayer Spaces lightly tied to Ignatian themes.  Everyone appreciated the possibility to starting off with personal reflection rather than work relating to students, school policies and curriculum.  

Staff commented positively: 

  • Prayer spaces are very useful – reflecting within, reflecting on the outer world.  Very emotional.
  •  The stations led me to focus on God and myself – a journey of reflection, redemption and seek for serenity.
  •  We need our alone time more often.  The prayer spaces were very personal and moving.
  • Music and scents were useful to calm down and to embrace the moment.
  • I got in touch with my inner self.  It was peaceful and very meaningful.
  • The session in the big hall with the different exercises was emotional for me, very personal and intimate.    
  •   I had time to think deeply and managed to put it down in writing.
  •  Enjoyed prayer spaces.  Gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and my inner feelings.