Prayer Spaces in Schools February Newsletter

Hello Friends,
January was great fun.
At the beginning of the month, the Prayer Spaces in Schools team spent 24hrs in the Surrey countryside together. We try to take time away like this every January to dream, plan and pray for the year ahead. It’s good to start the year together and it’s important for a healthy team dynamic. You can read more about our time together here.
With the New Year comes new prayer activities. During January we launched the Mountain Series, which takes students along a journey from Starting Out with their hopes and dreams, followed by The Climb and the challenges that are faced en route, and then finally to The Top where the students are encouraged to celebrate their achievements.
We’ve also been able to share some fantastic stories from prayer spaces during the Christmas Season.
In January some of our team joined with the 24-7 Prayer team at their Euro leaders training conference, which was a fantastic time to gather, share stories and grow together.
Phil recently returned from visiting Emma Thompson in Ireland. While there, Phil visited a local prayer space where they filmed some inspiring interviews with students and staff (watch this space!). It was also an opportunity to discuss Prayer Spaces in Schools in Ireland, and to make plans for supporting the growing number of prayer spaces that are taking place in both the north and the south.
February already looks exciting, with lots of training events and prayer spaces. And it’s also end of our financial year, which means that we’ll be looking at our budgets for this year, and for the coming year, and doing some prayerful prioritising. We would be very grateful for your prayers during this time too.
Finally, with Easter approaching fast (don’t forget Pancake Day next week!), this is a very popular time for prayer spaces to take place. If you’re planning on running a prayer space over the Easter period then please get in touch as we’d love to hear about it.
God Bless
Emma Thompson and Phil Togwell while in Ireland.