Advent Prayer Spaces at the Oratory
Every year, on the last Friday before Christmas, the Our Lady Immaculate Oratory in Tower Road, Mosta, organises a special activity for its youth. This year this activity comprised five prayer stations for a group of twenty-five young women. The stations were accompanied by means of a powerpoint presentation instead of the usual individual prayer instruction cards. 
During the first station, the youth reflected on the Annunciation and were then asked to write about their hopes and dreams.
Thinking about hopes and dreams however impossible they might seem

The second station was about preparing hearts. Do we have room for Jesus in our hearts? How are we to make others feel warm?

Prayers for changing my heart
Placing a piece of cloth on baby Jesus and reflecting on what might be changed in my heart
Pieces of cloth representing changing hearts
The third station gave the youth the opportunity to pray for those people who we do not consider as important or who do not feel important
Prayers for people who might not be considered important
The fourth station was about asking for guidance and reflecting on the episode of the three wise men. Where do we need guidance? Where do we need help in our lives? The youth were asked to write a prayer for guidance onto a star and stick it onto a black paper representing the night sky.
Asking for guidance and writing the prayer on stars
The fifth and last station helped the youth reflect on the Christmas journey. Leaving behind what is gone and moving forward in life was the main reason for this last part of the activity. It is now time to start a new journey…into the Year 2020!
Drawing a footprint
Tearing away something bad or sad
Throwing away something sad
Written by Annabella Gauci