During this prayer space, one is asked to reflect on peace in one’s life by carrying out an experiment.

Equipment: tray, jug of water, two transparent cups, salt, food colouring, spoon, a piece of carton or a square cardboard

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


On the 10th of November, World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated. Science is an essential part of our everyday lives because it helps us to be in touch with the world around us that is all the time evolving. It helps us in recognising the lives of all the living things like human beings, animals, plants, and trees as well as the creation, stars, the sun and moon, and the water.  All these living things help us to observe the love, peace, and presence of God.

  • Pour the water into the cups, and put some salt in one of them. The salt represents peace and God’s protection, and the water is us. Thus, while you put salt into the cup, remember that God loves us and continuously binds us with him.
  • The food colouring represents the bad things we come across around us. Pour some food colouring into the other cup. Place the cups on the tray, and place the carton on the surface of the food colouring cup.
  • Turn around the cup of the food colouring
  • Place the carton on the cup where there is the salt.
  • The water mixed with the food colouring didn’t pass through the cup filled with water and salt and remained white!

The following video shows the peace experiment.


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