During the Prayer Space, we are asked to think about our inner rubbish and place it in front of God to help to get rid of it.

Equipment: a paper, pen or pencil, colours, markers, a wheelbarrow, a dustbin




Farmers use wheelbarrows to move rubbish from one place to another. We’ve all got rubbish in our lives, not just ‘outside’ rubbish like broken things, old clothes, papers, and plastic, but ‘inside’ rubbish too. What ‘inside’ waste are you carrying around at this moment?

  • Find a quiet corner, and think about your ‘inner’ rubbish for some time.
  • If you want to, take a piece of paper and draw or write your ‘inner’ rubbish.
  • Screw the paper up and throw it into the wheelbarrow.
  • Get rid of your ‘inner’ rubbish by moving around the wheelbarrow to the dustbin to throw away the paper.
  • Thank God that He is always present to help you to get rid of your ‘inner’ rubbish.


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