During this prayer space students and those carrying it out, recognizes how special and unique they are, and the pleasant aspect that we are all and have different perspectives.

Equipment: pom poms of every size and colour, an owl feet template, pen or pencil, crayons, glue

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


Pom poms come in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. In the same way, people are different too. Likewise, we humans come in different shapes, sizes, colours and personalities.

  • What makes you unique and different?
  • In a few quiet moments think about something that makes you unique and special.
  • Take an owl foot template, and on it write or draw what makes you unique and special.
  • Stick the pom pom on the template, and hang the template while thanking God for make you unique and special.


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