On Friday 15th April 2019, students and educators at the Boys Learning Support Centre, Hamrun, came together to pray and reflect on prayer spaces which were set up in the media room and the foyer.
What students said: “Thank you for encouraging me to be the best version of myself and to dismiss the things that truly don’t matter”.  Students appreciated the Friendship prayer space most as they thought about strengthening their friendships rather than damaging or breaking them.
Other prayer spaces, encouraged students to think about letting out their worries and fears, fixing a 
broken relationship and thinking about what makes them feel at peace. 

Weight Lifting Worries
Broken Relationships
Broken Deep Inside
Peace Flower


On the following week, Fr Paul Chetcuti sj celebrated Holy Mass on the occasion of Our Lady of Sorrows Day with the students and their educators. 

Thanks to Ms Christine Grech Head of the Centre and all educators for all the planning and preparations.

We thank God for all the fruitful experiences encountered by all.