An interactive storytelling session about a group of friends who accepted an invitation to participate in a celebration that would take place on World Gratitude Day.

During this session, the students participated in the animation of the story ‘Saying Thank You’ from the Book ‘Spazju għal Qalbi – Beloved Space’ by Ms Silvana Cardona. They eagerly answered questions, shared their thoughts, and contributed to the storyline, making the sessions more engaging and personalized.

During the animated reflective story, children expressed their gratitude by writing thankful prayers on colourful ribbons and creating models with playdough representing their talents. Through dance and art, the children expressed their gratitude towards their family, friends, pets, artistic talents, and life.

The ‘Saying Thank You’ prayer space allowed them to think about others and be grateful for the things, talents, and people in their life.  They expressed gratitude and prayers to God while sharing them with their friends just like in the story they had just heard.

This story’s animation took place at Theresa Nuzzo School, Marsa, on the 19th of June 2023 by Fr Reuben Gauci and Ms Silvana Cardona.