As part of the ongoing collaborations with various entities, Spiritual Development in Schools was invited by Julian and Joanna Sant Fournier from Relationships Are Forever Foundation-Friendship Cards, to attend the Multiplier Event in Malta on Tuesday 15th November 2022.  

The aim of the event was to open a transnational discussion between the different partners of the project on the theme of quarrels and conflicts between peers, (from 2 to 18 years), in the context of their life experiences at school.

The event was led by CPP – Psycho-pedagogical Center for Peace and Conflict Management, an Institute specialized in learning processes in situations of conflict together with 10 international partners including 2 Maltese partners; Relationships are Forever Foundation and Maria Regina College Naxxar Induction Hub. During the event there was a presentation and a comparison of three methods; Litigare bene developed by Daniele Novara, by the CPP and the Intro Foundation; Friendship Cards developed by RAFF (Relationships are Forever Foundation); Peer mediation by the Croatian and Romanian pilot schools

Rev Fr Reuben Gauci and pastoral worker Silvana Cardona, participated in the workshops and listened to many stories, experiences, and new ideas to help children learn how to manage and resolve conflicts.