During this time we will reflect and pray on how amid our daily routines, we can radiate God’s light and love just in the same way that the moon reflects sunlight during the night.

Equipment: Torch and foil

Related to Liturgy: 3rd Sunday of Advent Year B

Related to Bible: John 1: 6-8.19-28   



Did you know that although the Moon shines bright in the night sky, it doesn’t produce its light? We see the Moon at its wonder only when and because it reflects light from the Sun.  When we gaze at the Moon, we appreciate the ability of the Moon to radiate the Sun’s light, glory and power.  Like the Moon, we are called to reflect the only true light of the world.

  • Take some time to think of how you can reflect God’s light in what you say and/or do in your daily life.
  • Take a piece of foil and roll it in a ball.  Now take the torch and flesh its light onto this foil ball.  See how the foil reflects the light it receives from the torchlight.   
  • Now, you can ask God to help you so that in whatever you think, do or say you reflect His love.

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