While we stand up and face both living and non-living things and experiences which block our way to experience God’s Love, we pray that God will help us clear up the way for his love to sustain us along our journey.

Equipment: Path templates, papers, pens, pencils, crayons. Priest if confession takes place.

Related to Liturgy: 2nd Sunday of Advent Year B

Related to Bible: Mark 1: 1-8   

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years



Was there a time when you wanted to go somewhere and because of things scattered along the way you couldn’t get through?  Maybe, someone, you have been longing to see knocked on the door, but you couldn’t get through to open the door because of the things you left scattered along the way to the door.  God is always there, and to get to know Him even more, we must work harder daily to clear the path and remove our bad habits and shortcomings.    

  • Take some time to think of the bad habits and sins which are blocking the path to God’s Love.
  • On each piece of paper, write or draw the bad habits and sins.  Squash the papers and place them on the path template.
  • Now, while you look at these obstacles, pray to God to help you clear up the way so that you can see more his love in your life.
  •  While you can remove the small squashed paper balls from the path, you can plan to go for confession.


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