In this prayer space one will think about how to serve and help with love in everything.

Equipment: Apron template, pens, crayons, quiet corner

Related to Liturgy: 4th Sunday of Advent Year B

Related to Bible: Luke 1: 26-38   



Many times, we get to know a lot about a person from the clothes s/he wears.  If someone is wearing a police officer uniform, we get to know that he works as a policeman.  Someone who serves wears an apron.  We are all called to dirty our aprons and serve our God and one another with love.

  • Take an apron template and on it write your name as a sign that you want to serve God with love.
  • Take some time to think about your apron.  Is it dirty?  Are you using it?  Are you serving your God with love?
  • Close your eyes and pray to God to help you serve him in everything.


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Early And Primary 

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Middle, Secondary and Post-Secondary

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Early and Primary

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Middle, Secondary and Post Secondary

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