This prayer space helps us to reflect upon things we lost and their necessities until we found them.

Equipment: Explosion template or an explosion drawing of your own, an image of or the real object you once lost, pen, pencils, crayons.

Related to Liturgy: Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (Year C)

Related to Bible: Luke 2:41-52   

  • Primary Years
  • Middle Years
  • Secondary Years
  • Post-Secondary Years


Have you ever been lost in a place for some time? Or maybe somewhere where you listened to notice about someone who was lost? One can imagine the feelings particularly if you were lost in a place you have never been to! And surely your parents or those who were taking care of you were worried too. This is what happened to Mary and Joseph when Jesus was lost in the temple, but Jesus told them that this happened in accordance with God’s will, and they accepted. As Mary and Joseph found that which was essential and could not do without, likewise we are to recognize what are the really necessary things in life.

  • Think of an object you lost and later you found it. Is this object important for you? Could you do without it?
  • Think about how many things we acquire in life but do not use frequently.
  • On the explosion form template, write what the lost and found object is and what is necessary or not.

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