Thanks to the invitation of FES, Spiritual Development in Schools is participating in SkolaSajf through Prayer Spaces and the animations of stories from ‘Spazju Għal Qalbi’. We want to invite you to join us during these sessions on:

You can participate for a whole day or even an hour or two. Please enter your details here to join us to animate the prayer spaces sessions.

The main theme chosen for this year’s edition of Skolasajf 2023 is “Peace by Piece”. This slogan urges people to do their part, no matter how small, as all the individual ‘’pieces of peace’’ will build the peace that is so needed by everyone. Peace does not mean only not fighting. It is also ways how one can learn to be calm and appreciate others; how to take care of the natural environment to pass it on to future generations; how to be honest and not sow the seeds of discord among friends and colleagues; and be able to take morally good decisions that will have a positive impact on others around us. The collective of everyone will help to build a better and stronger society.