One of the projects the SDS Team has been working on recently is the practice of Christian Meditation in Schools. After taking part in training sessions to learn more about the roots of this ancient type of prayer, and to start practising it regularly, discussions with the SMT of a state Middle School made way to start this project in our schools.

Christian Meditation helps one to get to know oneself and to relate with God, with others and with the world. In the world, we are living in, and the busy lifestyle, it is necessary that one find space for a short time daily, in a quiet atmosphere and in stillness. It is an exercise that everyone can practice, people of every age and race. Meditation is essential for one’s well-being, concentration and to help one overcome obstacles that life continuously offers.

The sessions underneath are an opportunity to all educators and those in touch with children and youths to be informed about Christian Meditation and to be accustomed with its practice and benefits.