Following the ‘Super Heroes Project’ during the last scholastic year, another eTwinning project is being carried out between St Thomas Moore College, Żejtun Primary B, De La Salle College and the Spiritual Development in Schools team.

As the title shows this project aims to instil values of kindness and respect towards the elderly residing amongst the students of both schools. The project is helping the students to strengthen literacy skills and digital literacy competencies, promote intergenerational dialogue, and to become more culturally aware of the traditional celebrations in Malta.

The coordinators of the project Ms Sarah Mallia and Ms Graziella Vassallo Theuma together with the support of the heads and coordinators of both schools, and Ms Kathleen Spiteri representative of the Spiritual Development in Schools, discussed the way forward through online meetings using MS Teams, Ghigo Residential Home in Għaxaq was identified as the elderly home the schools will be working with.

During the month of December students of Years 3 and 4 from both schools created Christmas cards addressed to an elderly person they were paired up with. They were encouraged to write a Christmas message in their cards to give their writing an audience and purpose. Cards were distributed to the elderly by the management team of the residential home. Due to Covid-19 measures, Christmas concerts were held online, and as part of his project were recorded and to the elderly home for the residents to enjoy watching.

Activities will continue taking place every month till May. In January the residents of the elderly home shall be receiving a recorded personal message from the students who were paired up, one from Żejtun Primary and another from De La Salle College Primary will be introducing themselves both to each other and to the elderly.

Thank you to the SMTs and students of both school for your initiative and enthusiasm. May this project enhance good relationships between children and the elderly.

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