In tune – Within our common home

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In tune – Within Our Common Home consists of seven exercises for children who are in classes from Year three till Year eight.  These exercises invite the participants to reflect and pray in a creative and joyful way about the various realities related to creation. Among them, the beauty of creation in its diversity, the degradation of the environment and the various needs of different people around the world. In this creative and age-appropriate way, participants together with the help of educators, will grow in knowledge and appreciation towards the life of every human person and towards all the creation that our planet hosts.

The topics to be covered are:

  1. Appreciating Nature/ Napprezzaw in-Natura
  2. Sister Sun/ Oħti x-Xemx
  3. Empty Plate/ Platt Vojt
  4. Brother Moon/ Ħija l-Qamar
  5. Brother Wind/ Ħija r-Riħ
  6. Our Common Home/ Id-Dar Komuni Tagħna
  7. Flags Prayers/ Bnadar ta’ Talb


For educators

Resources are being provided so that educators will be able to help the participants during this learning process. The material consists of 7 lessons/planned sessions, related to each theme mentioned further down in this document under the main ecological theme ‘In Tune-Within Our Common Home’. In each lesson plan, one can find different and simple steps of how to lead every session, a link corresponding to a short video clip related to the respective theme, and other resources that might help in the process of this educational experience of a spiritual nature. Every session is approximately 30 – 40 minutes.

For children These seven exercises consisting of seven different themes, will be presented to children in the form of a booklet in English and Maltese. The children are free to choose the language which they prefer to follow the booklet. In the booklet, one finds the instructions with simple sentences, templates of the material which are to be drawn, cut and then reflect upon.